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About Conscience Designs

We are a daring design company specializing in holistic design practice, less is more
ideology, cutting edge style and warm, modern mountain esthetics.

Frame to Fork

From the framework of a building to the forks in the drawers; we cover it all. This holistic
(whole building) approach is essential for achieving esthetic harmony, true sustainability
and ultimate comfort and organization within a home. Every element is considered and
no detail is left out.

Green for Real

Sustainability is not only a portion of our design practice, but a foundation for every
project we undertake. We are committed to contributing to our planetʼs well being, not
depleting it. We do this by designing spaces that have a connection to their natural
surrounding, cutting edge style, functionality, durability and an environmental
Check out our guiding principles.


Dollars and Sense

Economic efficiency and real cost savings is a top priority for every project. Unfortunately, adding an eco agenda to typical building practices is very costly therefore successful green design needs to incorporate an entirely new set of design principles and ideology. Think outside the box; outside the home. We push the envelope and reevaluate what is truly important for a home in 2013 by considering quality over quantity, art of imperfection ideology, less is more and the importance of a smaller footprint. By putting this new ideology into motion; your dream green home is now achievable without a higher price tag.






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